Friday, September 4, 2009

Things to remember about MECH

Here are 3 things to remember about mech.
1. If they are shooting army then they want to shoot from the fire points on the vehicles. If they are assualting then they have to wait a turn to assault (unless they has LR or open topped vehicles)
a. Note that a crew shaken or stunned result will not allow the unit inside the transport to shoot unless they get out which just makes them like any other foot unit or forces your opponent to waste a turn of shooting with that unit.
b. Note that an assaulting mech army outside of LR (not much we can do
but then again you won't see more than 2 of them or the enemy will be outnumbered even to Nidzilla lol) and Open-Topped (hey venomcannon penn those vehicles HELL YEAH) will have to get close in order to guarantee an assault the next turn. This allows two things to happen:
1. You can surround the tank not allowing them to disembark and therefore have to move again.
2. You can choose which unit they will have to charge (AKA gaunts lol)
2. A shooting army doesn't want to get out unless it has too or is doing some type of rhino rush. An assualty army will not get out until they can assault.
a. Note that a unit that has to get out to shoot is usually a unit with weak armour (IG, eldar, ect) or Space marines (wow bolters and a melta gun or flamer "real scary"). Also note these die to BS or TL Devourers quite easily.
b. see the above but note the same thing to them dying.
3. If they do get out they are just like any other foot army except they move a little fast for a couple of turns. This takes away their advantage.


  1. They'll also likely be lighter on numbers if you do force them out early, due to the need to pay for said Transports. :)

  2. Very True TKE

    The big problem is that Transports are getting cheeper:


    1. Rhino 50pts ----> 35pts
    2. Chimera 90 something points (I believe)----> 55pts

  3. Just wait for a Trygon then. ;)

    You won't call it a cheap Transport...