Friday, October 30, 2009

Tyranid Questions!

Email from JT:

Hey man, I appreciate the insight on my new "choir" list (I like
calling them screamers... sexier). Anyways, in a list I'm going for,
what do I do about the big bastards? I understand now that I shouldn't
mix CC with shooting, but I'm always afraid of greater daemons,
avatars and the like.

Also, what are the logistics on this sort of tactics against Marine
Equivalents? Power armor is a big concern of mine, since the only AP3
or better is on my Zoans, and I'm guessing they're not so accurate
against small squads.

Again, I appreciate the help, boss.



Glad my choir list helped out!

To answer your questions:

1. Mixing CC and Shooting. I think this is a misconception among many tyranid player. IMO there are things in the army that can mix and things that can't. The big 3 are warriors, carnifexes, and tyrants. Warriors need to either be equiped for CC or Shooting. Carnifexes IMO can mix (hence the BOOMFEX!!!!). IMO Tyrants should always be shooting because it is the one BS4 thing in the army.

2. To deal with the big guys simply torrent them with devourers. They will eventually fail those saves.

3. To take care of MEQ simply put tons of wounds on them they will eventually fail those 3+ saves.

Fairly simple stuff, but sometimes that is what works ;-)

Hope that helps!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Stelek Mission

So for today, I write on the mission that has been become known as the "Stelek Mission." The goal of ths mission is to eliminate any imbalances in the current mission system as well as many of the current tournament "off the wall" missions. Note that I have added in a few of my own tweaks to make the mission IMO even more balanced. So without more waiting here is how the mission works:

Battlefield Setup: The battlefield is to be setup in a non-cluttered balanced mirror setup. This means that each table quarter should have an equal number of terrain pieces of equal size. For example: If a table quarter has a x-sized forest terrain and a x-sized bunker (x is just a variable to represent the size of terrain piece; I.E. small, medium, large) in one table quarter then the opposite table quarter should be setup in a similar manner. Here is a visual example of a well balanced board setup:

The Green Patches are forests and the black Boxes are either bunkers or buildings. The box is a building or other difficult terrain area terrain that will provide a cover save. Note this is not to scale and can be setup differently and can have more or less terrain to your liking but the key is to have enough terrain for good cover but not too much that it make a tank take a dangerous terrain test anywhere it goes.

Deployment: Same as the standard 40K mission. Man that was easy ;)

Who goes FIRST?!?: To determine this use the standard mission rules in the 40K rule book.

Objectives: This mission uses both KPs and objectives. There are always 5 objectives and 5 KPs. Here is how both of these work:

Objectives: Place 5 objectives as follows. Place 1 in the dead center of the board. Next place an object 17" away from each corner of the board. In addition those 4 "corner" objectives cannot come with in 12" of any board edge. The normal rules for capturing objectives in the 40K rule book apply. Here is how the objective placement should look (the red dots are the objectives):

Kill Points: Basically before the game you choose 5 different enemy units to be a kill point unit. This means that they follow the rules for Kill point missions in the 40K rulebook with the follwing exceptions:
  • "Reinforcements"- upgrades like without numbers and send in the next wave will not award additional kill points if they are killed multiple times.
  • Splitting Squads (aka Combat squads ect...) - if an opponent chooses to split a squad and you choose that unit as a kill point unit then only 1 of the 2 "new" units becomes a kill point unit. This choice is of the one who chooses the KPs of the original unit.
  • Combing squads (aka Imperial Guard Infantry squads) - If a player chooses to combine 2 or more squads that are kill point squads then the new combined unit only counts as 1 KP. In addition the other player can choose x-number of new kill point units. X is the number of KP he would lose from that squad combination, I.E. if a player combines 2 KP units together then the other player could choose 1 more KP unit; if a player combines 3 KP units into one new unit then the other player can choose 2 more Kill Point units and so on...
Who WINS? - Each objective/KP is worth 1 point. The winner is simply the one with the most points at the end. No minor victor minor loss crap just WIN/LOSE/DRAW... the way it should be.

So that is the "Stelek Mission" with a few tweaks by me. I hope that Stelek will drop in and give his thoughts on my take on his mission!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Future...

So with the new codex coming in just over 3 months I thinking of things to do when it comes out. Obviously a codex review is in order but what else... I think a "Know Your Foe" series. What do you all think? Throw some ideas my way. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October

So it's October and as we all know the Tyranid's 5th Edition Codex is out in January. So what to do for the next 3 months... Well between school and college basketball I figure I'll try to get a new army started. That new army will be a mech guard army! So I'm putting my nids on hold and only playing non-Nid armies (unless some local puck challenges me) till the new codex comes out, but I hill still help you all out if you want it. ;)

So here are just a few things to show you all what I'm working on! Tell me what you think?