Friday, October 30, 2009

Tyranid Questions!

Email from JT:

Hey man, I appreciate the insight on my new "choir" list (I like
calling them screamers... sexier). Anyways, in a list I'm going for,
what do I do about the big bastards? I understand now that I shouldn't
mix CC with shooting, but I'm always afraid of greater daemons,
avatars and the like.

Also, what are the logistics on this sort of tactics against Marine
Equivalents? Power armor is a big concern of mine, since the only AP3
or better is on my Zoans, and I'm guessing they're not so accurate
against small squads.

Again, I appreciate the help, boss.



Glad my choir list helped out!

To answer your questions:

1. Mixing CC and Shooting. I think this is a misconception among many tyranid player. IMO there are things in the army that can mix and things that can't. The big 3 are warriors, carnifexes, and tyrants. Warriors need to either be equiped for CC or Shooting. Carnifexes IMO can mix (hence the BOOMFEX!!!!). IMO Tyrants should always be shooting because it is the one BS4 thing in the army.

2. To deal with the big guys simply torrent them with devourers. They will eventually fail those saves.

3. To take care of MEQ simply put tons of wounds on them they will eventually fail those 3+ saves.

Fairly simple stuff, but sometimes that is what works ;-)

Hope that helps!


  1. Thanks for the replies. Here's another question:

    What makes the boomfex so powerful? I understand the bang for the buck, but it seems really simple. Could you elaborate?


    There you go! Hope that helps!